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Recovery Tips for Runners

Late summer and early fall are some of the most enjoyable time for runners in Montreal and its suburbs. Whether you are running for a social cause or achieving personal goals, sheer willpower is not going to be enough. You will need to be smart and strategic knowing when and how to utilize your body to best support you in achieving your goals, staying injury free and enjoying your journey. A gradual increase in volume and intensity brings results that will significantly affect your long term and overall wellness.


Do you spend a lot of time focusing on recovering properly, maintaining your health and being proactive with injury prevention? Like Alexander, Graham Bell said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”How often should a runner receive a massage? Should it be before or after the run?Ideally, runners should receive a regular massage at least every 3-4 weeks to support muscle health, alleviate built up tension in the joints, and minimize the risk of injury. Runners and other athletes that take a massage on a regular basis may want to also receive it 3-5 days before a long jog or race. This will support your healing process, relax your muscles, release natural endorphins, and prepares your body to be strong and healthy.



The results of receiving frequent massages are cumulative. One massage therapy session will not “fix” an injured area, or a persistent chronic pain that is the consequence of a longstanding training and intense muscle contractions. Nevertheless, regular massage can considerably lessen physical discomfort and serve as one of the best preventative measures against further injuries. Proper hydration, strength training, stretching and foam rolling are some of the best companions of massage therapy to achieve the desired results. Bodywork can substantially assist you before a long run and after for speedy recovery. Few days before an event, try to relax your muscles as much as possible.


The micro-tearing that occurs is part of strenuous training, muscle building, and healing. Your body is eliminating the metabolic waste from this process. If you don’t receive any bodywork regularly, it is best to schedule your massage at least a week before a big run. Soreness may result, and postural realigning could occur with the release of contracted muscle groups. These are positive signs, but your body will need time to assimilate and adjust. It is highly recommended that you tell your massage therapist, you are a runner, and you are preparing for an event or simply wanting to be in better shape and wanting to stay injury free. The massage therapist will alter the technique to your needs to assure the optimal results.


All this can help you significantly before or after a long race for quick recovery. A few days before an event, try to relax your muscles as much as possible. The micro-tear that occurs is part of the rigorous training, muscle building and healing process. Your body eliminates metabolic waste during this process. If you do not receive any body treatment on a regular basis, it is best to book a massage at least a week before a race.


The pain can occur as well as a postural realignment with the relaxation of the muscle group in contraction. These are positive signs but your body will need time to assimilate and adjust. It is strongly recommended that you tell your massage therapist that you are a runner and that you are preparing for a race where you simply want to be in better shape and remain without injuries. The massage therapist will adapt the necessary technique to your needs for optimal results.

Hydrate your body after your massage


​The lymphatic stimulation that massage therapy provides along with the proper hydration facilitates the process of muscles healing to be in top condition. Massage after a long run can significantly reduce recovery time and is an excellent way to reward your body for accomplishing an incredible achievement. The type and intensity of your massage will be determined on your body’s needs. This wouldn’t be the time to endure pain but to listen to what your body is asking for.


The primary goal is to quiet muscle spasm, flushing metabolic wastes and to release endorphins that are needed towards your healing process.

Proper hydration is critical in conjunction with a post event massage. The benefits of post event massage are greatest within the first 48 hours following the run. Congratulations on your dedication towards your health, wellness and injury free running. Happy running!