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Sports massage at home is specially designed for people who play sports, does regular exercise, from the casual runner to the professional athlete. If you practice physical activity on a regular basis and want to improve the performance, reduce muscle stiffness or prevent future injuries, sports massage is an excellent choice for you. Athletes have discovered that a targeted sports massage helps improve flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and prevent injury while preparing the body and mind for optimal performance.


Sports massage at home is the ideal choice for anyone who wants professional assistance in order to achieve a better performance. Sports massage is also very useful in the beginning of competitions, pre warm-ups as well as after the competitions to speed up muscle recovery. This massage is particularly beneficial before a competition to help increase circulation, maintain and improve flexibility as well as the overall athletic condition.



After a competition, we focus on those parts of the body that have undergone a lot of stress and tension as a result of more aggressive movements. Recovery is accelerated to relieve stiffness. reduce cramps, and improve lymphatic drainage. This massage is designed to prevent injuries, reduce muscle tension and eliminate metabolic waste from tissues to aid faster recovery. Sports massage focuses on areas of the body that have been overworked and stressed.


 Sports massage is not just for professional athletes. It is an excellent healing technique for all those who want to reduce their muscle stiffness, improve their flexibility and improve their overall movement. Sports Massage uses techniques similar to Swedish massage by combining deep tissue massage with assisted stretching, emphasizing athletic injuries, preventing injuries and improving performance.


 A sports massage received on a regular basis is a great addition to the training regimen. Talk to one of our professional massage therapists to develop a plan that works best with your schedule and activity level.



At Vivanti, your professional massage therapist will provide you with the best massage that is customized to your specific needs.



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““Thank you Anna for performing an exceptional massage to my mother-in-law. She appreciated it so much! You are very professional and I will recommend you to everyone”

Johanne P.

“Receiving a couple’s massage at home is fantastic! No need to drive around and a very professional and punctual service. A big Thank You to Kerry and Patrick. We are recommending them without any hesitations.”

J. Mathieu

“Very satisfied of your service.My sister-in-law adored her Pre Natal massage. I’m recommending you to everyone. Thank you!

Marie-Ève G.

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