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How to reduce stress during the pandemic

Nowadays, intentionally or unintentionally we are all exposed to the news on tv, radio and social media and the stress and anxiety levels can creep up on us. We are all going through a difficult time period that can certainly have a negative impact not only on our...

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5 ways to cope with stress

Let’s face it. Stress isn’t fun. It can get in the way of our happiness, prevent us from feeling good, and push us to the edge. In short, it has the ability to make us feel off centered and imbalanced. That’s because stress has a major impact on our physical and...

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Powerful meditation techniques and their benefits

Managing our thoughts and feelings is one of the most important foundations for good health. And meditation is a powerful tool to help us build that foundation. It can improve your emotional well-being, combat everyday stressors, and help reduce tension in your body...

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How to Ease Pregnancy Discomforts Fast

Becoming a new mother is a wonderfully joyous and unforgettable time in your life. However, your body goes through rapid changes during pregnancy, and sometimes the inevitable structural and hormonal shifts can cause uncomfortable, annoying and even alarming symptoms....

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In-Home Massage Your Winter Secret

What's the hardest part of winter for you? Is it the shorter days, frigid temperatures, or painful joints? Does your body react to cold weather by tightening and tensing up? We must admit, it's hard to relax when you are bracing against the wind, walking or driving on...

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Self-Care

The words "self-care" are thrown around a lot these days, and the connotation is hardly positive most of the time. Many people think of self-care as a euphemism for self-indulgence, or they look at it as a reason people give in for pampering themselves or giving in to...

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