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Celebrating our athletes in PyeongChang and at Home

Like many Canadians, you’ve likely watched the Olympic events this month—and the fantastic opening ceremony. Since ancient times, participants in the games have pushed their bodies to the edge to bring glory to their country and achieve personal victory.
But Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who push themselves to excel. Every day, sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts like you find the strength to overcome life’s challenges.


​While acute injuries and chronic pain can certainly keep you from performing at your best, the way to be able to push your personal limits without breaking is to seek balance. Remember that whether you work hard or play hard, it’s okay to rest and take care of yourself too

Marie-Philip Poulin’s story

Ice hockey champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Marie-Philip Poulin knows all about grit. In the 2014 Sochi games, she scored three goals and two assists while recovering from an ankle sprain. Poulin’s sprain, a high ankle sprain, involves many parts of the ankle and often requires a longer recovery than the lower ankle sprain.

She missed three months of training to let her ankle heal, but a high ankle sprain sometimes requires up to six months of rest to heal fully. That’s not the extent of Poulin’s courage. In 2011, she suffered a ruptured spleen and again was unable to play for three months. Although this brave woman has learned to play under less-than-ideal circumstances, she also knows when she must take a break for her health’s sake.

«​«The quality of personalized service that offers Vivanti is truly excellent. Their knowledgeable and talented massage therapists help me stay on top of my game at all times. Whether it’s to diminish muscle tension due to training or simply to relax the mind and body, Vivanti is without a doubt your winning choice!»

How sports massage helps you work and play better


​Injuries are common in sports; great ability doesn’t make anyone bulletproof. Athletes are susceptible to the same conditions that you are. But pro athletes have access to the best coaches, trainers, and therapists. Without bodywork techniques and other methods of alternative healing, few stars would be able to shine for long.

As we noted in our post on chronic pain, even performers such as the late Dolores O’Riordan and Lady Gaga have battled common health problems. Whether you play team sports, dance, run, teach yoga, or favour some other activity, you’ll surely benefit from a Sports Massage.

This type of massage works in several ways.


  • Better circulation: Tight muscles have impaired blood flow
  • ​Better flexibility and range of motion: Tension and tightness restrict the elasticity of muscles and makes it more prone for injuries
  • ​Fewer spasms: ​Tension and fatigue can cause muscles to contract involuntarily
  • ​Less soreness and cramping:​ ​Massage eases delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • ​​Detoxification: ​Stimulating lymph flow encourages waste removal
  • ​Boosted immunity: ​Massage may help prevent some illnesses.
  • Less inflammation and swelling: ​ Poor circulation prevents blood from delivering healing oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, lymph can’t remove waste and excess fluid from tissues.

Massages treatments received on a regular basis can help people like Marie-Philip Poulin and others to heal faster and remain without injuries.

​Why sports massage is good for your brain as well as your body

Although sports massage is considered a type of physical therapy, all massage modalities have holistic benefits.
A relaxing massage can help reverse many symptoms of mental fatigue and illness. Even if you feel fine physically, massage benefits brain health by improving your mood, attitude, mental focus, energy, and ability to think. Regular massage can also help you sleep better and feel calmer throughout the day. As sports psychologists know, a positive mental state is crucial to winning a victory, whether on the court or in the boardroom.

Enjoy an in-home massage for even more benefits


You’ve learned how massage therapy can help your body, mind, and spirit. Now imagine getting the benefits of a professional massage at home. When you book your massage with Vivanti, the certified massage therapist goes to you. Whether you need to take a break from your deskwork or loosen up before a race or performance, the convenience of an In-home massage removes travel time from your busy schedule so all your energy and focus is on the result you are seeking to achieve.

All you have to do is to lie back, relax and your therapist we’ll do the rest. We work with a variety of athletes and know what it takes to be at your very best for competition. We’re always here to help all of you achieve your goals and dreams. And we’re thrilled to be a part of your success!