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Why quality time really matters for couples

​Quality time is hard to find!

Life is hectic, and time is precious for all couples. You probably spend a good amount of your day rushing through it: commuting to work, shuttling the kids, and running errands. And then there’s your time spent at home:. feeding the crew, cleaning everyone and everything, managing your finances The list goes on. Your significant other helps you juggle it all, but where’s room for romance. Roommates and caregivers often live together harmoniously and take care of business efficiently, but that certainly doesn’t constitute a love relationship.


Making time to spend quality time with the person you love might seem impossible some days, what with your,families bosses, and community demanding every spare moment. But time together is essential if you want a rich relationship that lasts for you at every turn.You might be in the same home, but how often do you actually take time to look at and appreciate each other? To speak to them with your full attention? Yes, it can be difficult, but making time for this is so important.


​How to Make More Time for Each Other

When you were dating, your relationship often may have sailed along on chemistry. However, over the long term, as everyday matters poke their heads in, a relationship needs committed maintenance. Everything in your life needs attention: your children and pets; your job; your house and car. Sadly, many people believe that a good relationship simply takes care of itself.


You and your significant other will benefit greatly from changing your mindset about what being a ‘partner’ means. Partners don’t act parallel to each other; they interact. Modern life makes it almost impossible to thrive on spontaneity. Investing time in your relationship isn’t a sign of weakness but of strength and character. So start here: spend formal quality time with your partner. Schedule a block of time for the two of you at least once a week. If necessary, arrange childcare during that time.


Whether it’s on Sunday morning or a weeknight, treat your appointment like any other obligation. Make a point of rescheduling if you miss a date and add it to your schedule; it shows you take your priorities seriously.


​Date Ideas for Long-Term Partners

You and your significant other haven’t taken time for each other lately, you may need some ideas new ideas for being together. Although physical intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship, it takes more than that to keep a couple together for the long haul.
Try some of the following tips on creating cherished moments as a pair consider:

​Fancy dining

Dressing up and going out is a great way to replicate those early days of dating. You may have gotten used to sharing Chinese takeaway at home—in sweatpants and no makeup. Making the effort to look nice shows that you still care.
If , going out for dinner isn’t possible right now, you can still make your partner a priority at mealtime. Cook together, freshen up before you sit down at the table, and take your time to enjoy the food and really talk without looking at your phones.

​First date (again)

If you live in or near the same city where you first met, go back to your first date spot. Recreate everything you did on that first date. Remember what you wore, ate, talked about, and felt. Notice what’s better the second time around. Remind yourselves why you chose each other for life.

​Talk time

Sometimes the greatest thing a couple needs is meaningful conversation. Your quality time could simply be a scheduled time to stalk without distraction—and about more than kids and bills.  Ask how your partner’s week has been going and how they’re feeling. Talk about bigger things, the things that matter to you as individuals. Review life goals. Verbalize dreams and passions.  Address any tension between the two of you, even if it feels awkward. Become genuinely interested in learning and how you can continue to support your partner.

​Game night

Your playful side—the one that may have been buried for months or years.. If gaming isn’t your thing, rent a movie and snuggle up to watch it with a tub of popcorn. But remember: children aren’t invited to this party!

​New adventure

If you’re at a loss for what to do together, try something new. Search for local events that might be fun, such as concerts, galas, art gallery exhibits, musicals, or anything else you might not usually consider. Even if what you choose isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll have gotten closer by learning something about each other.

​Double workout

Spend time together while getting in shape! This is especially important when one partner wants the other to lose a few pounds. Showing support in this way can make a huge difference. Schedule a few gym dates a week, or walk or run in the evenings. You could even sign up for a local race and train together.

​Couples massage

Not for special occasions only, couples massage benefits your relationship in many ways. It can make you feel more relaxed, more limber, and just plain sexier. It gives you a chance to talk if you wish, or encourages you to talk afterwards. In-home massage is a popular option for busy couples. You can send the kids for an overnight with friends or grandparents. Then continue your quality time all night.


Quality time is often hard to come by, but it’s a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. This week, plan to make more time for your partner. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make for you both.

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