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What to expect from your first massage at home

Maybe you’ve received a Gift Certificate for an In-home massage or have given one to one of your friend or family member to spoil them with something that they will truly appreciate and to make them feel extra special. Either way, you may be full of questions about embarking on this new experience. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about preparing for an In-Home massage, both physically and mentally.


What to do before the massage therapist arrives:

You may never heard of or had a professional massage at home, you may feel a little anxious about making your home spotless and tidy before your in-home massage therapist arrives. But please be at ease as most of the preparation is about making yourself comfortable.
Your massage therapist is coming to provide you with a great massage, not to judge your living space. As long as you clear a space for the massage table (since Vivanti’s therapists bring everything needed for your session), it’s all good. All you need to do is to relax and to let go. Try not to plan phone calls or important errands right after your session so your mind can stay in a relaxed state as long as possible. So you’ll truly feel the bliss of disconnectedness from the fast paced world.

To feel calmer and more confident, you can take a shower or bath an hour or two before your massage. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin helps to prepare to receive the benefits of the high quality massage oils or creams your therapist is using. You may wish to place a robe or lounge wear nearby so you can cover yourself after your massage. Finally, if you are having a relaxing massage for yourself or a massage with your partner you may want to light up candles or put on your favorite soothing music.

Prep time with your massage therapist:


You’ve heard the doorbell or a knock—YES! Excitement is normal for new and seasoned massage clients alike. Rest assured, your friendly and professional Vivanti’s certified massage therapist is skilled at easing any nervousness you may feel at this stage. Before you begin your massage session, your therapist will do a brief interview and asks you to fill out a brief health intake form to gather some key information to fully understand the result you’re seeking. Most of the questions your massage therapist will ask are health-related. This is because the therapist wants to be sure not to exacerbate any pain, allergies, or any other medical symptoms you might be experiencing. If any part of your body aches such as a joint or muscle, let the practitioner know so they can take the appropriate therapeutic approach.


Massage therapists undergo extensive training in anatomy and physiology. You can trust them to discuss your medical issues discreetly. In fact, it’s critical that you disclose certain information for a safe and comfortable experience. If you haven’t already selected a specific massage technique, your therapist will explain your options and chooses the one that will best suit your specific needs. During and after your massage session you are always welcome to give feedback to your therapist

After the intake interview is over and the table is set up -which takes only a few minutes- your therapist will leave to give you time and privacy to disrobe, get onto the table, and to lay down under the sheet. Undress to your personal comfort level, and remove all your jewelry. It’s fine to strip all the way down, as private areas will stay covered at all times. However, leaving too many clothes on may reduce the benefits of your massage. Your therapist will advise beforehand on how to get onto the heated massage table, depending on each specific case. If you start laying face-down you’ll place your face in the soft face cradle unless you have other preference which you can discuss with your therapist. Some clients find that it’s more comfortable to place a pillow under their hips when in a prone position. If you’re lying on your back, the therapist will place a support under the knees to relax the lower back. After the therapist ensures that you are completely comfortable your massage session can begin.

During your couples massage session:


Good communication in massage therapy is critical to a pleasant experience. You are always welcome to talk to therapist or ask questions before or during your massage.  Your massage therapist is an experienced professional and she’ll be more than happy to listen and answer any question you may have to ensure that everything is at your comfort level so both of you will have a lovely, relaxing and completely personalized experience. If you become uncomfortable at any point, it’s important to let the therapist know. Your service provider wants you to get the most out from your session.

Ending a massage therapy session:

Sadly, your massage therapy session must eventually end. Your therapist will gently let you know that your massage session has ended. Your therapist will leave the room once again to wash his/her hands and to give you time to slowly get up, put your robe on, and to take a minute to come back from this relaxing and healing experience. The therapist will ask you a few follow up questions and feedback about your experience that might further help to ensure an even more personalized session in the future. The long term benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, the more your massage therapist understand your needs and goals, the more he/she will be able to personalize your sessions to meet your specific health and wellness goals.

Vivanti is a leading provider of In-Home massage for over 20 years in Greater Montreal, Laval, and South Shore areas. Having a massage at home a great way to reconnect and to reward yourself and/or your partner. Massage at home is a mini vacation for your body and mind, without the stress of traveling.


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